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Chengcheng machinery tells you how to select the seam of sheet metal processing unfolding material

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  In the process of sheet metal processing, we often encounter the joint of unfolding material, so how do we choose it properly? Here are three situations for you.
  (1) The selection of the joint position of unfolding material shall be convenient for the combination of sheet materials and the saving of material layout and production. When the workpiece surface has both plane and curved surface, the joint position is generally selected on the plane.
  (2) The joint of unfolding material shall be selected according to the stress and working condition of the workpiece. Different places of the same workpiece may have different stress conditions and degrees. The joint shall be placed where there is no stress, the stress is very small or the required stiffness is very large. The joint shall also be placed where it is not easy to leak or away from the pressing edge. If allowed, the joint shall not be placed on the open surface to avoid affecting the appearance.
  (3) The selection of joint position of spreading material shall meet the process requirements. Due to the large size of some unfolding materials or in order to make effective use of materials, on the premise of meeting the use requirements, they should be combined from small to large. There should be some joints on the unfolding materials. These joints must be staggered and symmetrical. If the joints are well opened, large bumps will be formed at the joints, which can not meet the process requirements. The staggered connection method not only meets the process requirements, but also ensures the quality of the workpiece, convenient manufacture and beautiful appearance.

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