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How to choose the joint of sheet metal working material

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  In sheet metal processing, we often encounter the joint situation of expanding materials, so how should we choose the appropriate? Here are three things to know.
  (1) the choice of the position of the expanded material joint is convenient for the combination of the sheet material, and convenient for saving the discharge and production. When the workpiece surface has a plane or a curved surface, the joint position is generally selected on the plane.
  (2) the joint of expanded material should be selected according to the workpiece stress and working conditions. Different places of the same workpiece may have different stress conditions and degrees. The joint should be placed in places with no stress, little stress or high stiffness required. The joint should also be placed in places where it is not easy to leak or away from the edge.
  (3) the choice of the position of the expanded material joint shall conform to the technical requirements. In order to make effective use of the materials, some of the expanded materials should have some seams on the expanded materials, which should be staggered or even, on the premise of meeting the requirements of use. If the joints are open well, a big knot is formed at the joint, which cannot meet the technical requirements. Staggered connection not only meets the technical requirements, but also guarantees the quality of the workpiece, production convenience, beautiful appearance.

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