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Common problems

How to eliminate the factors that affect the quality of sheet metal processing

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  When sheet metal plate is bent, especially when the radius of bending is very small or repeated bending, cold hardening occurs in the bending area. Therefore, when bending, the bending radius, bending times and material selection should be restricted.
  Sheet metal USES sheet metal makings, it is rolled commonly and become, the performance of each direction is different, when discharge makings, when bending line and sheet metal rolled grain direction is perpendicular, produce crack not easily. When the bending curve is parallel to the rolling direction of the sheet material, it is easy to generate cracks. When bending in several directions, the bending line should be made into a certain Angle with the rolling grain direction of the sheet material, which is generally greater than 30 degrees.
  In actual production, in order to improve the utilization rate of materials and speed up the discharging and discharging speed, except for some materials or special requirements, the bending radius is generally increased to compensate for the impact of the rolling direction.

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