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How to prevent welding deformation in sheet metal processing

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  Matters needing attention in the process measures to prevent welding deformation in sheet metal processing:
  (1) select the appropriate welding sequence. For the welding structure with too many components, the components should be separately welded and corrected before assembling the whole welding. In this way, it is better than assembling the whole first and then welding deformation. And local areas can be installed side welding, operation is also more convenient.
  (2) select reasonable welding sequence. In order to prevent welding deformation, strip welding, back welding and symmetry welding should be adopted.
  (3) anti-deformation method. It means that the welding piece is given a deformation direction opposite to the deformation direction after welding, and the deformation of workpiece before welding is exactly offset after welding.
  (4) rigid fixation method. This method is very effective in reducing welding deformation.
  (5) select reasonable welding methods and specifications. The energy density and heat input of heating welding seam of various welding methods are different. For thin plate welding, the welding method with high energy density, such as carbon dioxide gas welding, plasma arc welding instead of gas welding and manual electric arc welding, can reduce welding deformation. When welding aluminum and aluminum alloy structures, gas welding is much more deformable than manual argon arc welding.

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