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Notice of excellent employee selection in April 2018

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  According to the company's notice on the selection of "excellent staff and advanced class group of 2017", the members of the leading group have carefully discussed and selected the candidates selected by the workshop of each department. The selection results are as follows:
  I. list of outstanding employees in April 2018:
  1. Laser group: zhao zhiqing
  2. Bending group: wang kang
  3. Spraying group: yandong
  4. Locksmith group: wang xiang
  5. The warehouse department: solid seven gold
  According to the "selection plan" of the company, the above excellent employees and the advanced team shall be given a cash red envelope as a reward. Meanwhile, it is hoped that the above team and staff will make persistent efforts to continue to create better achievements.
  Hereby notified!

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