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Forecast future development direction of metal sheet metal industry

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  Future direction: low carbon, environmental protection, energy saving and material saving
  Stamping and sheet metal production involves various aspects of the manufacturing industry. In the past ten years, with China becoming a world manufacturing center and a large consumer country, the stamping and sheet metal industries, one of the basic industries of manufacturing industry, have achieved unprecedented development.
  American model: automated production is safe and reliable
  Comparing the status quo of stamping and sheet metal processing enterprises at home and abroad, qi junhe chose the United States and Japan as reference. The biggest difference between Chinese and American stamping and sheet metal enterprises is the difference in the level of automation and informatization.
  First of all, the closed loop control automatic production adopted by American enterprises is more secure and reliable, which is convenient for the maintenance of the whole production line. All enterprises have their tooling and mold maintenance workshops. Various sensors are installed or embedded in the molds. The application of these sensors greatly improves the safety and reliability of the whole production line.
  The pressure machine is equipped with a safety grating. When the worker is too close to the press, the pressure will stop automatically, thus ensuring the worker's safety.Secondly, American stamping and sheet metal enterprises have high safety awareness. The pressure machine is equipped with a safety grating. When the worker is too close to the press, the pressure will stop automatically, thus ensuring the worker's safety.
  Third, American enterprises have their own management information system. All materials supplied by the raw material supplier are barcoded, and all kinds of information of the raw material will be automatically entered into the production database through scanning when entering the warehouse. As the raw materials enter the processing process, the main computer in each processing link automatically enters the processing information into the database, and the information will always be attached to the final product.
  In addition, although the size of American companies is relatively large, they do not have a large number of product lines. They all have regular buyers, such as Delphi and ford, and large production volumes are their common characteristics. American business model is our stamping, sheet metal business future development direction!
  Japanese model: process equipment is amazing
  Compared with the Japanese stamping enterprises, the standards of the Chinese stamping enterprises are far from each other and need to be improved. In particular, Japanese enterprises in the production of accumulated production know-how and process equipment, it can be said that modern advanced manufacturing technology and traditional human ingenuity in the perfect combination, so that all visitors are shocked. Therefore, Chinese enterprises should gradually improve their manufacturing technology and process equipment in the future.At present: introducing advanced manufacturing industrial equipmentQi junhe pointed out that the general situation of China's stamping parts manufacturing enterprises is small scale, backward manufacturing equipment, mainly manual operation, poor product quality stability, low production efficiency, difficult to achieve mass production and timely supply. Industry enterprises still need to improve from the following aspects.
  First of all, improve existing process equipment, hard work and working smart, improve product quality, meet the requirements of product quality and supply of the increasing market demand, and on the premise of have the ability, as far as possible the use of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, set up a sound quality assurance system, improve the level of motors, specialization and automation, information-based manufacturing, to meet the requirements of the mass and flexible production.
  Secondly, the enterprise should constantly improve and improve production and sales level, constantly reduce its management cost, truly achieve the quality and efficiency of management, and improve the comprehensive competitiveness of the enterprise.
  Again, should pay attention to the construction of talent team, in high-quality talent for the imported enterprises at the same time, also attaches great importance to the continuing education and training of existing staff team, to keep its technology and management level and time synchronization, at the same time, should strengthen the international exchanges and cooperation, understand the industry level, both at home and abroad to collect important information industry, open career decision-making leadership, improve the prospective and the correctness of decisions.

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